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We are looking for authentic, driven, and dynamic personalities who are passionate about everything Rituals stands for. Would you like to join our amazing company and make a significant contribution to our wonderful brand? Start your new work ritual today!

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Rituals is rapidly expanding around the globe. You’ll find job opportunities within the Rituals Family at several locations, like our head offices, our own stores, and in department stores. We are always looking for new colleagues with whom to share our philosophy. What would you like to do at Rituals?

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  • 730 Stores
  • 2150 Shop in shops
  • 6500 Employees
  • 29 Countries
  • 4 Urban spas
Our history

The story of Rituals

The Rituals journey began in 2000, when the first store opened on the Kalverstraat in Amsterdam.  Since then, the company has opened locations all over the world, including London, Madrid, Antwerp, Lisbon, Berlin, Stockholm and New York. Rituals now has over 625 stores, more than 1850 shop-in-shops and 4 Urban Spas, which can be found in 27 countries around the world. In addition, Rituals Cosmetics is enjoying rapid growth in the travel sector, where its products are sold on 125 luxury cruise liners and 10 different airlines. Our collections are also offered in 7 major airports and several leading hotel chains. Watch our brand movie and learn more about Rituals.

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Rituals is about creating meaningful moments, about helping people slow down the pace of their busy lives. To achieve this, we need passionate, energetic, ambitious, and driven people. Although this might feel like a paradox, at Rituals, meaningfulness and strong performance complement each other like yin and yang. To introduce you to the world of Rituals, we have created a candidate journey, an employee journey called ‘Get Ritualized!’, and we also have our very own Rituals Academy. All of this will help you hit the ground running when you start your career with us.

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